Day 3

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel and packed up to head to Tel Aviv. Before going there we had a 3 hour guided tour of a holocaust museum. A very passionate tour guide. From there we made it to Tel Aviv and had lunch at a traditional Israeli style restaurant. We then visited a technology center where the GM of WeWork spoke to us. Israel is known as the “startup nation”. There are over 1000 new startup companies in Tel Aviv…that fact is semi accurate. I can’t remember the exact details

We then had a walking tour of Tel Aviv with our guide, Yossi, who has been our guide throughout the trip.

We checked into the hotel in Tel Aviv called SeaNet which was 2 blocks from the beach. The rooms were very small. We were then able to get dinner on our own. I went with a few friends and we found a great Vietnamese place

From there we went to Kuli Alma which is a bar. It was very fun but the crowd was a bit young, they also played music from the 80s and 90s USA pop. Curfew was 1am. At 1 am I moved to a different bar and arrived back at the hotel around 3:30am. Back up at 7:30am for another day in Tel Aviv!

Also, the girl with me in the beach photo is Natalie she is one of the staff members the USand she is studying at HUC to be a rabbi.

Day 2

Today was a very busy day. We had breakfast at the hotel and left around 8:30 for a 3 hour hike. The nature was awesome. Short post because it was an exhausting day. We visited an Ethiopian Israeli and heard her story. From there we went to the grottoes of Rosh HaNikra which is the Israel – Lebanon border. Israelis are not allowed in Lebanon. It was a very cool place to see and my first opportunity for a token picture with an active duty Israeli soldier. From there we went back to the hotel and had dinner….followed by a pretty intense political discussion which gave me and everybody a headache. The looks shared across the room with each other were intense, as the geopolitical conflict is very confusing and tense. Tomorrow to Tel Aviv!

Day 1

Flew out of IND to JFK and landed at 8:30am. 2 hours later, people from the group started to trickle into the airport. There were just 4 of us for about an hour, and over the next two hours, 35 more people completed the group. Everyone is very cool. From NY to LA, though mostly everyone is from the east coast. We all went through security together and grabbed lunch near the gate. We then boarded our ElAl 787-9. The plane was loaded with Hasidic Jews, where the women were in the front and the men in the back. All throughout the flight there was constant up and down of the men to pray. 11 hours later we landed in Tel Aviv and met with our 6 Israeli participants. We loaded our bus and headed to Caesaria..Wikipedia it, we were all tired and I can’t remember the majority of information but it is basically a large harbor. From there we went to our hotel/hostel in Akko where we unloaded and went out for dinner on our own. Dinner was ok. We went back to the hotel and had some group activities. Tomorrow is a big and more adventurous day, bed for now